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Ordos Sun Algae Industry CO., LTD. (Mongolian "day" in Chinese means "the sun") located in the resource-rich ordos city were ulam this flag town, Matthew, companies with resources advantages, Ukraine (Matthew 4 and tao in figure three trona lake) as the backing, has a unique spirulina growing environment. It is a comprehensive spirulina production base integrating seed preservation, purification and rejuvenation, breeding, processing, product research and development, and marketing. With a total asset of 18 million yuan and 30 employees, 15 of them are professional technicians of various kinds, with an annual output of over 200 tons of algal powder.

Company has obtained ISO9001 certification, HACCP certification, won the green food certification, national health food GMP certification, the national industrial products production QS certification, government of origin protection enterprise, the People's Republic of China import and export enterprises, products by domestic and foreign many functions and import and export companies, merchants of testing for many times, are all qualified, reached the standard of the export or exceed national standard.

Production process: after accurate weighing, drying, sterilization, packing and so on strict production process, strict checks after the every working procedure, to ensure that consumers buy each type of product is high quality. Each batch of spirulina provides a third party authority inspection report.

The project area is 170.1 mu, 800 meters away from the city's outer ring road and 300 meters south of G109 national road. The company produces spirulina using raw materials from far away from the urban, pollution-free ordos prairie, the production of water from 600 meters below the surface of high-quality deep well water. The production base has been recognized as pollution-free. Due to the strong local sunlight and large diurnal temperature difference, spirulina produced high accumulation of effective components, protein content over 65 rounds, heavy metal and other pollutants less than international standards by nearly 10 percentage points.

In that day the algal industry always adhere to the "strives for the survival by the quality, seek development by the good faith", and made a self-manufactured products, the company has and Belgium, Canada, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States, and other developed countries and regions set up a partnership.


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